Our Story

Over the years, we've had a few partners that have helped to create and define StraightForward while we built our client base and focused our energy on our clients.

StraightForward was originally created in 2013 when Bender Grounds Control and Terenzi Property Management merged. As the years passed, the owner of Terenzi Property Management needed a change and moved on; that created an opportunity for Kyle Rowe, owner of A Rowe-ling Cut.

In 2018, A Rowe-ling Cut merged with StraightForward, bringing with him a renewed energy to the company.

Please feel free to read more about the different founding companies by selecting one of the companies below.
A Rowe-ling Cut

Just after graduating from Stoney Creek High School in 2009, I began cutting a couple lawns for some extra cash in the summer. After realizing how much I enjoyed it, and seeing a potential business opportunity, I started A Rowe-ling Cut in 2010.

With some help from my parents, I was able to purchase the necessary equipment and slowly began building a client base and reputation.

After about 6 years, the business had grown large enough to consider adding another crew to handle future growth. During this time, Steve Bender of StraightForward approached me about the possibility of a merger of our companies. This merger would solve the problems for both of our companies as well as provide room for further growth and expansion.

So in the spring of 2018, A Rowe-ling Cut merged with StraightForward Seasonal Services making the company we have today.
Bender Grounds Control

When I first started mowing lawns WAY back when I was at Hart Middle School, my only customers were my parents and one of their neighbors. Through hard work and attention to detail, I slowly added on additional neighbors one at a time.

In 2006, when I graduated from Stoney Creek High School, it came to me that I had a real business opportunity here, so invested some money in a trailer and some additional equipment and started taking jobs outside my neighborhood. By understanding how to treat my customers and making sure they were completely satisfied with my service, my business continued to grow.

Focusing on the customer has allowed me to make a success of this venture. I officially formed Bender Grounds Control as an LLC in 2008 and started to add more services like snowplowing. That's when one of my friends, Dino Terenzi who had his own snowplowing business contacted me about taking care of my snowplowing while I went to school to Kendall College of Art and Design for BFA in Collaboration Design and a minor in Industrial Design in Grand Rapids.

As Dino was taking care of my snowplowing clients, he decided in 2011 that he would invest in lawn equipment and get into the lawn game as well. That worked out perfectly for me because that is when I out grew myself and needed Dino to help me out with the other 3 seasons of the year. As we grew, we both saw the benefit of combining our forces. In 2013, we did just that, we became StraightForward Seasonal Services LLC.
Terenzi Property Management
While working full time at a local car dealership, I was going to Oakland University pursuing a Bachelors of Business Management and running my first business which was a car detailing company. I had several friends that were plowing snow during the winter and suggested to me that I should get into the business.

In 2008, I purchased my first plow truck in the fall and began plowing snow for a large company in Warren, MI. The dealership I was working at closed down in 2009, so I decided to jump head first into the snow removal business and Terenzi Property Maintenance was born.

This is when I contacted Steve Bender, a friend from Stoney Creek High School, about plowing his driveway accounts while he was away at school. Through hard work and always putting the customer first, I was able to grow and add another plow truck to my snowplow business in 2011. I kept working with Bender, taking care of his snow removal during the winter. I would work in the summer, more focused on the car detailing business, until 2011 when I realized I was missing out on half of the potential in the outdoor services market.

While working with Steve, we began to realize that there was no need for two separate companies. So in 2013, we merged our businesses together and we created StraightForward Seasonal Services LLC.

As the years flew by, I ended up needing a change and decided to sell my shares to Steve so I could pursue a new direction.
StraightForward is extremely focused our client's complete satisfaction. We want you to be more than satisfied. SO SATISFIED, that we want your neighbors to become our clients, and then those neighbors to become our clients. So the burden is on us to excel at what we do, so others will notice our work.

As the owners, we are personally involved in the day to day activities of the company. We work directly with clients like you and are here to help.
If you are unsatisfied, we will be here to make it right. You can count on StraightForward to stand behind 100% of our work.

The best way to learn about our StraightForward Service is to give us a no hassle, no pressure try.